Spending time in nature is good for our health. Science backs this.  Even viewing images of nature is shown to reduce stress levels     

My photography is a tool I use to spark the soul and seek adventure within our natural environments. My ultimate goals are to help people create a sense of wonder for our oceans and wilderness. I want to create a connection so strong that it leaves people driven to be outdoors and to protect our beautiful world. Creating stewards of nature while improving the quality of life.

I was drawn to the underwater world from a young age. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from time spent on White Lake in Michigan where my family would spend long weekends in the summer.

My journey in underwater photography started on my travels to places in the South Pacific and West Indies. Upon moving to San Diego I was gifted with the opportunity to spend more time in the water photographing the world below the surface and integrating into the Underwater Photography community through San Diego Underwater Photographic Society.

Feel free to reach out to me about all things photography, travel, and ocean-related or if you're interested in custom prints for your home or business.

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